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Services and Programs

Whether you are loking for full service scheduled maintenance or a one time planting CLC is here to assist in getting your idea to bloom. While we may make terrible plant puns we do take your project and property seriously and will always treat it as our own. 


Fertilization and Weed Control

The core philosophy behind our program is to build turf density for long term health. It is proven that the best weed control is indeed a dense stand of turfgrass. This approach allows us to use less herbicide over the long run which we feel is the best solution to invigorating your lawn and maintaining our stewardship of the environment.

Mulch, Planting  and Pruning

We take care of the little things so that you can enjoy your space and time at home. We use locally sourced natural mulches, support locally owned nurseries and follow seasonally appropriate practices in care for your landscape. 

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