Fertilization and Weed Control

Your home is a source of pride and your lawn is one of the first eye catching components to it's appeal. It also provides a space to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

    Cascade Lawn Care strives to provide the healthiest turf possible, focusing on proper nutrition to the plant as well as the soil. All plants require the best possible medium for optimal growth and vigor and that starts with your soil. 

   Our program provides the necessary nutrients for plant growth but also promotes the natural biological systems in your soil to do what they do best! More efficient plant use of nutrients, easier access to air and water and replenishing of organic matter to the soil are some of the beneficial aspects to our program which will yield exceptional results. The basis of our fertility program is the use of a sustainably produced carbon rich product that delivers results.

   The weed control portion of our program is a multi-step process.  The initial action is to reduce and prevent weed pressure in your existing turf. We then grow you the healthiest, most dense stand of turf possible! This is shown to be the most effective form of weed control available! This approach reduces the amount of chemical control required which cascades into a more environmentally sound and responsible turf management program.